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Zuhause Furniture is the proud exclusive importer and re-seller of Feydom modular furniture in Australia. Want to know more about Feydom? keep reading below to find out more about the amazing success and history of Feydom. All products are HAND MADE.


Project FEYDOM was initiated and founded in 2005 by Filimena and Zoran Radonjanin as a product design studio for the furniture industry. Since then, the project has been developed into a stable structure consisting of 3 parts:

Design and Product Development Studio

The design has been the foundation of the project from its beginning. Innovation, creativity and change are some of the factors that it has been oriented around. As confirmation for the product design quality, the FEYDOM models were presented with some of the most prestigious design awards worldwide.

What Are We Doing and Why Are We Doing It?

In the last 10 years, we worked on constructing an open business platform for design-oriented entrepreneurs.

We call this project FEYDOM.

As our guiding picture, FEYDOM is supposed to be a living room, a safe place, a happy thought for everyone involved in it. We hope it becomes a home for all of us who work in it, regardless where we live on the planet.

All these years, we have been looking for people to join us. The kind of people who would understand the opportunities of the platform and those who can find their place in it.

People with an entrepreneur spirit who make decisions, and who know how to take responsibility for the consequences of such decisions.

The people we found, together with those who found us, are considered our greatest assets.

The functioning form of FEYDOM is business, therefore, this project was not meant to be an appealing inspirational story, but harsh reality.

Companies and individuals working for their personal rewards thereby enabling ideas to be realized and design drawings to be manufactured, promoted, and distributed to the world.

Our working models represent "total corporate transparency" and "open allocation of projects and resources" which means we have nothing to hide, and everybody who can find their place in any part of the platform, is welcome to join us.

We chose Design as a fundamental part of our concept, since design means Innovation, Creation, and Change...

We work, make mistakes, learn, and change, thereby changing our reality.

For our children to become innovative creators of their own bright future on this planet, they have to see an example, which shows that changing the world is possible.

We strive toward becoming that example.


Filimena and Zoran Radonjanin